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More Info:

Sometimes we do have few diplomas and transcripts from previous works for sales in very low price. You can check with us. The price usually 30%-50% lower than complete custom-made and pretty much ready to delivery.


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(20 Dec, 2010)


ill titleWelcome !

Welcome to Diploma Replacement - Your number one source for quality diploma service in the world! No-one can match the quality of our diplomas and transcripts.

ill_1 We replica diploma and transcript in all aspects. You don't need to make full payment until you see the final print and satisfied with it!

With our services you are in control of all aspects, from paper selection to diploma printing. The most serious place for replacement diploma. We replica high school, college, university to any organization diplomas or certificates.

For those who is looking for a replacement diploma from the school you have attended, please don't bother us and go directly to diploma replacement from your school.

ill titleWhat separates us from the rest ?

DiplomaReplacement have a commitment to custom diploma and transcript like no other websites.ill_2

You pay little or don't even need to pay before we print your diploma. You can have a diploma to check before making final payment. You have 100% guarantee the quality and what you are paying for.

Make the sky your limit with Diploma replacement!!

At diploma replacement, we are helping the young generation in building and establishing their future. We are trying to reach each and every person who has lost in despair due to the lack of career opportunities. It's the time when you need to gather your soul, stand and fight back all these difficulties. Even if you have not been able to achieve the highest degree or the qualification, you will not miss on any of the opportunities. We offer duplicate diploma of any university in the world which you want. We offer the duplicate diplomas of more than 400 universities and colleges.

Our services

Diploma replacement will help you in getting the qualification which you always wanted to achieve but could not achieve due to some or the other reasons. The writing style, print, stamp and each and everything of the duplicate diploma will exactly be the same as the original one. You have the right to pay us only after you are satisfied with our services. Our intention is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction by proffering the best and the original appearing diplomas. We take full responsibility of the services and the products which we are going to offer you. Reach us and give your future a new height.