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Sometimes we do have few diplomas and transcripts from previous works for sales in very low price. You can check with us. The price usually 30%-50% lower than complete custom-made and pretty much ready to delivery.


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Last updated:
(20 Dec, 2010)

Make a fake diploma

We don't mind to teach you how to make a fake diploma if you can't afford. You can email us for details but before doing this you must have access to the printer and knowledge on graphic design software such as CorelDraw.

Some college and universities use a very unique font and it is not available in public because they hold the license. Paper selection may be time consuming. If you can't find the right size, you need to cut it but this can't be done manually. Before you purchase the paper, you also need to ask for advice from your printer. Some papers may work well with one type printer but not the others.

Printers are aware of fake diplomas and some will report to the authority. To make an almost real diploma without experenced printer help is impossible. You might get it very closes and looks authentic on your graphic design software but not in print.

Seal is another story. Many universities and college use embossed seals and that make it harder and more costly to replica. It is hardly find any fake diploma websites can make embossed seal. Some even say most school wouldn't use emboss seal but give you a color print seal or gold foil seal. Finally, most printing shop couldn't make seal. Seal is made by a seal engraving machine with a completely different process that wouldn't available in most printing shop. If you are thinking outsource a seal to a engraver that can solve the problem, then you are wrong. Engraver will only give you a metal die, and you will need to figure out how to transfer the seal image into a diploma paper.

Exchange diploma

We are constantly look for diploma/transcript for building up our database and benchmarking our quality. 

If you want to make some money, you can sell your original diploma/transcript to us. We don't mind if you cut out your name and date of graduation before sending out. Email us for details.


I need a diploma replacement

We all keep our important documents very carefully. But sometimes, under certain unavoidable circumstances, we might lose our treasured, important documents such as degree, diploma, academic certificates etc. in spite of our genuine efforts to preserve them. Educational costs are high and rising day by day. Sometimes families spend the entire savings of their lifetime on their children’s education. Students burn midnight’s oil to come up with decent ranks so that they may earn a good livelihood and get a better life as a result of the mere process of learning.

However all this toil and hardship, to a certain extent, boils down to one piece of paper i.e. a diploma. Clearly diploma is a very important piece of paper and losing such an important thing might turn out to be disastrous. One might be very qualified in his or her intellectual rigor but there has to be a diploma backing his or her caliber and abilities. We often come across news bites stating certain college graduate bagged a huge amount of pay-package. Often those high-grossing individuals have diploma from a “good” college. Another graduate with similar skills but having studied in a lesser known college would most likely be unable to get equally good initial salaries.

If such a situation arises, one may apply for a diploma replacement from the concerned school, college or university authority. Many educational institutions have such a provision that in certain cases the alumni can apply for a diploma replacement.

There are many things one should keep in mind when one needs a diploma replacement. Every individual diploma would have a unique enrollment or registration number. One should keep a note of such numbers so that the entity responsible for diploma replacement could easily search for the relevant records in its database. One can send an email mentioning all the details pertaining to the matter and enclose a photocopy of the old diploma, if available. Most of the educational institutions would verify the details you sent with their records because of which this whole process of diploma replacement takes a while depending upon the diploma replacement authority. So you should be patient. Although you should keep following up in order to ensure a timely delivery of the diploma replacement.

But one should always be cautious when you get the diploma replacement. Sometimes there might be spelling mistakes in the name, standard, ranks etc. This causes unnecessary delay. Just to be on the safer side, one should always provide correct information to begin with because there are charges for getting a diploma replacement. If there is something wrong with the diploma replacement, you should immediately contact the diploma replacement authority and bring this to their notice. It would be very helpful if you also provide your latest contact details for the diploma replacement authority. This would make the whole process very quick and avoid any communication gaps. It should be suggested that we keep all such documents with utmost care so that any unpleasant situations such as this can be avoided.