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Last updated:
(20 Aug, 2012)

To Lose a Diploma

It seems almost befitting that Amit Singh should have been hired by a well Known American firm and be shipped off to the USA as soon\as he had graduated from his DMBA course. He had always had a flair for business and a keen mind for engineering, put the two together and you have the potential to rule the world!

It had been an uneventful day for Amit, having just a few more hours left before leaving India (perhaps for good) he had exhausted every ounce of his youthful energy in the two weeks since college ended with unending parties and late nights to satisfy his lust for the social. Hs mother had been breathing down his neck every moment he was at home to pack his bags and make sure he had everything he needs and not forget anything essential. But he figured that three weeks was a long time (he had received the letter a week before his break) and he could wait till college ended and then consider packing.

He had collected the DMBA diploma the previous evening (he studied at an autonomous college so their scoring was very fast) at his graduation and remembered throwing it carelessly on the desk in his room. Now he wandered the crowded streets with his friends without a thought about his precious diploma or the fact that his luggage was still not packed.

Knowing that his father had packed his bags all three of them had a long leisurely dinner until they realised that the plane would take off in half an hour. In the incredible hustle and bustle that now took over the house the three of them were in and out of the house forgetting everything from the car keys to the lights! Thankfully they got to the airport on time and had just enough time for a last farewell before Amit boarded.

On the day of the interview he slept in late and woke up just in time to leave. As he looked through his luggage he noticed that his DMBA diploma was missing! His normally very careful father had left it out so that it wouldn’t get crushed in the luggage. He was on the verge of panicking when he remembered a story one of his new friends had told him about how he had bought a degree and been accepted at his job. The place where he had bought it happened to be just a few blocks away so Amit raced out in search of it. When he got there he ordered for his fake and got one in barely fifteen minutes. It was a forgery of a Harvard diploma.

Amit left the shop and arrived at his interview feeling like he was on top of the world. He had lost a wimpy Indian diploma and got one from Harvard! But once in the interview things started to go bad. The panel knew he was not a Harvard graduate (it had never crossed his mind that they knew where he came from) and began cross-questioning him about his credentials. As one thing led to another the police were called and a criminal charge was put against him; a few weeks later he was convicted (along with the friend who had told him about the shop).

It seems a tragic way to go, but one must never forget that if a fake diploma is your only option, it is no option at all.

I Lost my College Diploma

It was the last day at the college hostel and I had just finished packing. Suddenly all my friends came in to my room and we headed for a small party for the last time together. It was so overwhelming to see everyone for the last time together since all of us had big plans for future in different countries. The party was fun but then suddenly I realized that I had forgotten to put my college diploma in my suitcase.

I rushed back to my room before I could think of something else. My suitcase was there on the bed but my diploma was no where to be seen. I had last kept in on the table beside my bed. I called my room mate and asked her if she had seen it. But it was of no use. She had no idea. Now it was clear that I had lost my college diploma!

I rushed to college principle’s office so that he could help me. But he said that we give out diplomas only once and he couldn’t award me a new one again. But he did give me a duplicate copy of my diploma from the office records. Well that was a relief since I had to submit only the duplicate certificates on the companies where I would work.

But I knew that I had to arrange for a near original certificate since that would be needed for verification at least once. Now that my principal couldn’t help me I was confused. While coming out of his office the peon saw the confusion and fear on my face. He offered some help. I wondered how he, a simple peon, can help me out! Is he some con-artist in disguise?

Well evidently he was! He was a ‘go to’ man for several students but I got to know that on the last day of college! He knew a man who could fix me a diploma that looked just like the original one. He took a $550 from me and told me to come after 5 hours. When I demanded to go with him, he outright refused. Well I was taken a back but what could I do except trusting him! So I handed him the money.

While killing the time in the process I happened to come across several sites on the internet that offered the same certificates and diplomas for half the money I paid. I was raged but then sense prevailed when my room mate said that these sites are not trust worthy and do not give money back guarantee if the diploma has some defect.

For the first time I got to know about the sites, diploma mills and fake institutes that offer fake diplomas for little money. Luckily I have experience and proper education for the degree for I have earned. I have also spent time on job and have earned my skills rightfully. So a fake certificate shouldn’t cause much of a problem for me but I pity those who buy them in return of money when they have absolutely no knowledge of the course.

Luckily in the thought process the time passed and the peon came with my certificate. It was identical to the original certificate. To my amazement I could spot a single defect or a difference. Well my work was done and I thanked him. I hope I never have to do this again and someone may just find my original certificate and give it to me! Fingers crossed!